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A Little video compilation of some of our machine gun videos. Please give us all a follow on instgram, and google+.
This is a Rock River Arms M-16 that we made here ourselves. We installed a flash enhancer for a little added fun!!RIGHT CLICK HERE AND 'SAVE TARGET AS' FOR HD VERSION
Here is a video that I made of my girls with their new Xmas presents.I hope you have as much fun watching it as they did playing in it! RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE TARGET AS FOR HD VERSION
This is the OTB version of the scene from Harlem Nights when they go after Eddie Murphy for waxing Tommy Smalls. Enjoy!!
Fredo makes an appearance to shoot the SD, and burn up some of the shop's ammo. He left before packup too.
Wayne with that Friggin Aug again. Jeez. Give it a rest.
Wayne with the Aug.
Beretta 93R in action. The user is not Italian, so the weapon does not function perfectly.
The Boss letting off some steam with the 249.
GRAD Knife gun. Quite possibly one of the coolest things in class III. I want one.
Greg thinks he's a badass with the TSC G3K. He is saving for a sear. ETA: 2011
Heckler and Koch MP7 in 4.6x30mm. Nice.
The MP7 is so cool, it deserves a 2nd video.
Nick, our newest OTB pseudo-staff member, takes a stab at the Barrett. Yes, he did change his underwear after.
FN P90 in 5.7x28 with Eotech 511.
Serbu super shorty with buckshot and slugs also. It takes a real man to shoot this. We couldn't find one, so Greg volunteered.
Sig 552 Commando in 5.56mm. If these things were xferable, it would be our best seller.
Advanced Armament M4-2000 mounted on a Colt Commando. Very quiet, and this is not even the quieter Mod 08 version.
Vector MINI Uzi being shot with 115GR and a standard coastal Uzi can.
MK 23 Socom in 45 acp with SWR Hems 2. 230 GR
SWR Trident mounted on a Beretta 92FS. 115 GR.
Walther P22 in 22lr with SWR Warlock. CCI Subsonic. Very quiet.
SWD M11 in 9mm being shot with 115GR and a standard coastal can.
Advanced Armament Evolution suppressor in 9mm mounted on a Sig 226. Notice the sonic crack. 115GR was used.
Advanced Armament Cyclone mounted on an FN SPR being shot with TTI Armory Subsonic. Friggin impressive!!!
Vito and Vahan with the M-60.
Vahan with the m-60and Fred with the Bren. Also, Justin shows Fred who's the boss.
Robert with the M-60E4.
Robert K with the M60 while Justin has proble ms with the RPD.
Justin engaging multiple bogies with the M-60. He almost looks professional in this video. Almost.
Bridgette with the K gun
Bridgette with the MP5SD
Here's Bridgette again with the SD!
Chrissy on the M-60!
Mangina on the Barrett
Another Barrett shot
This is the first gun I every shot!
200 rounds, downrange!
Love that Beta mag!
Very Little Recoil!!!
500 Magnum performance center in action!
The next navy seal in action
The Mangina one hands the glock
Magina on the M-4!
Keanu Reeves + 200 lbs(and I don't smoke cock either)
3 beta drums in action!
Vector mini uzi right out of the box!!
Vito w/MP40
Vito w/AM180
Marco w/MP5K-PDW
Mangina in Action! **Don't try this at home!**
1919 Water Cooled in Action!
51 on fire!
Makin' fun of the Boss!
Mangina does it again!
Kevin w/M-16 and LMG Upper!
Kevin tries the silenced UMP!
Krink in action!
Love that SD!
German MG34 in action!
Mike with Gum & the Beretta PM12S!
Vito w/the K gun!
Vito w/ the SD!
Italians stick together!
Mangina redeems himself!
Silenced UMP!
Fred with the Chicago Typewriter!
Fred with the smallframe 380 mac
Colt 9mm Subgun
51 Beltfed, it actually works!
Boss with the Chopper!
Doc on the Chopper!




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